1. Tunisie Cables is a leading company in the cables industry, in continuous expansion in the African and European markets. Which are the main drivers of your company growth?

We always follow the latest developments of cable manufacturing technology, and we promptly answer to the demand of the global market by offering new cables and new products.

2. Tunisie Cables now offers a wide range of products, such as building wires and cables, power network cables, industrial cables, and telecoms cables. What industry do you think will be the leading one in your market? And how are you preparing for this trend?

In my view, the manufacture of power cables will be the most important, as data cables will be replaced by wireless transmission and optical fibers.

In order to remain competitive, we keep our equipment up to date regularly replacing old machinery with new high-performance machines; we are focused on the reduction of manufacturing costs, while maintaining high quality; we keep an eye on new trends to shape our products offering to new market needs

3. Why did you choose MFL Group machinery to produce your products?

We chose MFL Group among 5 renowned brands because it is a large and solid group, and we are aware of the quality and reliability of Caballé and Lesmo machines.

4. What cables are you producing using DTO 2000?

Since January 2019, we produce copper and aluminum cables up to 300 mm²

5. Which production speed can you reach? And to what extent did DTO 2000 increase your production capacity?

With MFL Group double twist buncher we reach 60m/min. Before DTO 2000, the production of the same products with a rigid cage machine of another brand did not exceed 25m/min.

6. In comparison with the previous machine/technology, what do you think are the main benefits of DTO 2000?

  • Double production speed
  • Short set-up times, as 60% of loading is carried out in masked time (while the line is running)
  • Increased productivity of drawing machines, because we draw on baskets instead of reels
  • Energy saving in the two production phases, drawing and stranding

7. A single bow and the DC Bus supply of DTO 2000 enable the energy saving. Did you have the chance to measure this impact?

Yes, with DTO we work continuously, and we use less overall motor power compared to the other processes, enhanced by the use of the single bow (less air resistance)

8. As maintenance manager, what can you tell us about the operations and maintenance of this machine?

The bearing life is very important, and on this machine, there are automatic bearing lubrication units, which make the grease consumption optimized

The two carbon brush collectors are easily accessible and also visible without opening the cover.

The motors are Siemens brand and are small, very powerful and efficient.

The machine documentation is clear and well-detailed.

The transmission of bow and external capstan with belts is very efficient since the belts provide us with great reliability and safety.

9. What did you appreciate most about our Customer Care?

MFL Group uses an after-sales service that is always available and competent. In addition, on the MFL Group website you can find a contact form which facilitate communication with customers. In case of issues, they can provide support on site or remotely.

10. Would you purchase again our DTO 2000? Why?

Yes, because we have good experiences with MFL Group.

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