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“Our last project with MFL accomplished all the planned objectives. Furthermore, during the last couple of years, MFL has become the technical partner we can count on for any situation, not only when we need to purchase a machine or components. Everyone from the sales to the technical team are directly available to help us solve any challenge. This is something we really appreciate”

Gonzalo Ureta Vacarezza, Covisa General Director


COVISA S.A., Elaboradora de Cobre Vina del Mar, is the largest Chilean-owned company in the business of manufacturing of bare or coated electrical conductors for low voltage.

We encounter low voltage cables every day in our daily lives, as they are used in several fields such as construction, industrial, security and power grids.

COVISA is constantly committed to the implementation of new technologies to improve the performance, quality, and diversification of its annual production of 6,000 tons.

This company had turned to MFL Group for a Multiwire Drawing Line for copper, a key line in the production of flexible building cables.

MFL Group provided the multiwire drawing line TM Series produced under the Frigeco Brand.

The Frigeco brand belongs to the Wire & Cable Machinery Division, and it is one of the two brands born and raised within MFL Group. Over the last 20 years it has consolidated its position as a top brand for Rod Breakdown Lines, Intermediate Drawing Lines, Multi-wire Drawing Lines, all kinds of Rotating Machinery, Insulation Lines, Sheathing Lines, and many key Auxiliary Machines.



The TM Series multiwire drawing line is available for Copper, Aluminum, Bimetallic and Alloy wires, and it’s supplied in line with the annealer. Here are the main specifications:

– Maximum drawing speed 35 m/s

– Drawing of 7 up to 48 wires (up to 24 in one row) through 15 to 33 dies

– Wire elongation on each block 10 to 26%

– Inlet wire diameter up 2.6 mm (hard wire)

– Outlet wire diameter 0.1 up to 1.4 mm

– Capstans diameter 80 mm, 100 mm or 120 mm

– Reduced maintenance and maximum precision are achieved through an AC motors with flux vector control inverters

– Energy saving thanks to a single or multiple drive and thanks to up to 24 wires in 1 row (up to 20% energy saving)

– Quick die change system

– Electronical skipping of capstans without having to re-string the machine



In comparison with the machinery in use to the customer, MFL Group drawing line improved:

· Performance in terms of productivity, thanks to the greater number of wires and to the drawing speed

· Power consumption (about 15%), due to the transmission type

· Machines user experience and the mechanical assembly, which resulted simplified (e.g., just 5 minutes to remove a bearing)

· Frequency of maintenance, which were reduced with consequent decrease of machine downtimes

Our team of experts always goes the extra mile, and this project is no exception: together with Covisa team, they brought the speed from 20 m/s to 28 m/s and enabled Covisa to process the 0,90 with 6 wires.

Their experience with the MFL Group multiwire drawing line has been so positive that MFL Group and Covisa are already discussing a new project. Our client visited our Italian production plants and was impressed by the technologies we developed in the Wire & Cable division.



Through the last years, MFL Group has gained know-now and decades of experience in the Wire & Cable Machinery Industry by the acquisition of three companies (Caballè, OM Lesmo, Eurodraw Energy) that complement Frigeco strengths and bring extremely valuable intellectual property into our Wire and Cable division.

Low voltage cables come in a variety of sizes, materials, types, and applications. The combination of our extensive portfolio and our ability to anticipate Customer’s requirements has got your specific needs covered, whatever they are.

The combination of the different strengths of each brand led to a complete and highly reliable offer for low voltage cable manufacturers which includes:

– limited slip rod breakdown machine

– multiwire drawing machine

– annealer for copper and/or aluminum/alloy wire

– rigid cage stranding and screening machine

– double twist buncher/strander

– drum twister for laying-up, armouring and screening

– double twist buncher

– insulation line for building wire, data cables and power cables

– single twist machine for laying-up, armouring and screening

– tubular stranding and closing machine

Do you need more information about our machines and services? Fill the form here and one of our experts will show you more about solutions of MFL GROUP for Drawing, Stranding-Screening-Armoring and Extrusion in the Wire, Rope and Cable fields.

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