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Rigid Cage Stranding and Screening Machine


The rigid strander is the machine par excellence for manufacturing power conductors. It is the strander that combines quality, productivity and flexibility compared to other stranding methods. We have developed a wide range of ancillary equipment such as semi-automatic loading systems, compacting heads, pre-formers, post-forming heads, capstans, take-ups that enables us to offer a complete catalogue of solutions for:

  • Stranding of soft Cu and AAC bare round conductors, either straight, pre-spiraled sector or Milliken segments.
  • Stranding of aerial bare conductors of various constructions: AACC, ACSR and other similar designs, with round or trapezoidal wires.
  • Multi-wire screening of medium and high voltage conductors
  • Armoring with Galvanized Soft Steel Wires


  • Max. Linear Speed (m/min): 90 (RCS-063), 75 (RCS-080)


  • A pintle system is mechanically closed and is loaded with large high pressure springs to prevent rattling due to the oscillating rotational load and compensating wide OAW tolerances.  The pintles are mechanically locked with a mechanical safety bar and redundant electronic safety to provide a fail-safe system even in the event of a power or air loss.
  • An automatic diameter control feature lets the machine speed up when the rotating mass decreases which increases the average speed of the rigid stranding line.
  • UPS and Dynamic Regenerative Drive System to bring the entire machine to a controlled stop during a power failure without product damage
  • Safety PLC with Remote I/O for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • Common machine base under the bearing stands for less costly foundation, ease of installation and guaranteed alignment even on shifting terrain.
  • Articulated brake pads ensure even wear on the pads and constant tension over the life of the pad.  All side loads are taken by the articulated joint and not transmitted to the braking system
  • Automatic air tank pressurization each time the machine stops. 
  • Maintenance free belt drives (No gears to wear out or maintain)
  • Auxiliary motor speed reducer for cage loading / unloading
  • Rugged monolithic rotor construction provides mechanical reliability and excellent performance under the most extreme conditions
  • Semi - Automatic Loader. Semi-automatic unloading / loading device (one per cage) without the intervention of the operator to load bobbins.  Loading system is below ground level freeing up floor space
  • Complete sound enclosure for noise and safety.  All operator safety locks included.
  • The Compacting Heads are specially designed for tight tolerances required for the manufacture of bare sector elements for Milliken conductors
  • Wire tension settable from HMI
  • Wire tension kept constant from full to empty reels.
  • Strands can be produced in a single or multi-pass by connecting the cages in tandem mode.


  • The machine can be equipped with a special forming plate for trapezoidal wires for the production of ACSR/TW overhead conductors.
  • Pre-formers for Al alloy production and steel armoring.
  • Post-formers for aerial strands.
  • Binding and longitudinal taping heads for water blocking tape applications.
  • The line can be equipped with various types  of loading devices, depending on the available spaces: side trolleys, hydraulic platforms.
  • For screening, there are available a full range of eccentric, concentric and tangential taping heads for plastic, copper, aluminum, and steel tapes