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Holding Company

Semplice S.p.A.

Via Carroccio 8 - 20123 Milano (MI) - Italy
VAT number 00221520133 - Registro imprese MI 1669649

Headquarters and Manufacturing Plant

Mario Frigerio S.p.A.

Viale Lombardia snc, 23847 Molteno (LC), Italy
Tel: +39 031 5488100 - VAT number 067925300968


Fridea S.r.l.

Zona Industriale Pagliare, 63078 Spinetoli (AP), Italy
Tel: +39 0736 891701 - VAT number 02827350139


Construcciones Mecánicas Caballé S.A.U.

Progreso, 293-299 08918 Badalona Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 460 1413 - VAT number 08393571

Manufacturing Plant and Office in Asia

Nantong Frigerio Machinery Co. Ltd.

No. 118 Shijiang Rd., Tongzhou District, Nantong City Jiangsu Prov., China
Tel: +86 513 86866288


M.F.L. SA., Lussemburgo, Succursale di Lugano

Viale C. Cattaneo 17, 6900 Lugano (Switzerland)

Offices in Asia

Mario Frigerio International Trading & Service Co. Ltd.

Room C, 12/F No, 1033 Zhaojiabang Road Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 2154893615

Offices in North America

M.F.L. U.S.A. Service Corp.

70 Industrial Drive Cumberland, RI 02864-6021 (USA)

Offices in North America

Frigeco USA, Incorporated

67 Beaver Avenue Corbit Bldg. Suite 12 Annandale, New Jersey 08801 (USA)