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Innovation & Design

The success of our business is a direct result of our commitment to research and constant improvement. The outcome obtained over the years is evident in terms of reliability, performance, ease of operation and low-cost maintenance of our machines:

RELIABILITY: The longevity and availability of the main components of the machines represent a competitive advantage for our company and an additional guarantee for the Customer, in terms of quality and efficiency of after-sales service.

PERFORMANCE:The decision to develop all the control software and electrical architecture of our control systems in-house has nurtured and enhanced the development of specific and highly skilled know-how that can guarantee high levels of support and performance.

EASE OF OPERATION AND LOW-COST MAINTENANCE:The experience acquired by our technical staff as a result extensive field experience, direct interaction with production, and interface with the final Customer, has made it possible for MFL GROUP to develop solutions that make operations and maintenance much easier and more efficient, which ultimately leads to a lower cost to the end user.

Our commitment to constant improvement has always been the backbone of our design philosophy. Technology has not replaced our relationship with our customers. In fact, it has become a tool of mutual exchange and trust that our company has been able to establish and maintain over the years with our Customers.


It is certainly not a coincidence that MFL GROUP  has a high rate of loyal Customers, mainly due to the quality of our assistance service. Handled by a group of experienced and high skilled technicians, the Service dept. follows each Customer step by step, from the delicate phases of machine’s start-up, to each following maintenance service call, with a constant presence, also on site. Thanks to a wise coordination among the various divisions of the company, our service is able to supply prompt solutions and decisive interventions, made even more effective by the availability of “in-house” components and by the specific know-how of each designing and manufacturing detail of machines. Taking advantage of internal synergies, especially with the automation office, our assistance service can also be present remotely, minimizing downtime and reducing distances.

Besides boasting a Service division specialised in Customer assistance, MFL GROUP has implemented an all-round service strategy involving each division. This is highlighted by the great readiness of our company in satisfying specific demands both in the design phase, during production as well as in pre- and after-sales services. Our company shaped its structure on service’s concept: each division contributes in guaranteeing that the relation between price, quality and performance of products is always excellent and suitable to each situation. All teams work together in a timely manner in order to satisfy Customers’ expectations.


MFL GROUP is an engineering and manufacturing group of companies headquartered in Molteno (Italy) that enjoys a 120-year industrial legacy (founded 1897). We design and build the highest quality and best performing Wire Drawing, Stranding-Screening-Armoring and Extrusion Machinery for the production of wire, cable and rope. Over the last years 30 years, the group has invested heavily in developing new products and services, with the aim to offer complete vertically integrated turn-key solutions to the ferrous and non-ferrous wire, cable and rope manufacturers.

Machinery is manufactured under six brands: MARIO FRIGERIO, FRIGECO, KOCH, CABALLÉ, OM LESMO and EURODRAW ENERGY

Our organization is built to support its long-term strategy. The entire group employs more than 360 people (80 Engineers) based in two manufacturing units in Italy, one in Spain, one unit in China, two sales & service offices in the USA, one sales & service office in China and one sales office in Switzerland. Our technology, machinery and satisfied customers are spread throughout more than 100 countries around the world.